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Standing Committees

Audit – The Audit Committee is responsible for nominating an independent auditor for the annual review, reviewing the chapter records quarterly, reviewing and proposing internal controls, and notifying the chapter of any weaknesses in the financial structure and making recommendations for improvement. This committed shall consist of three to five members who are not current financial officers but should have some knowledge of the chapter’s fiscal operation.

Budget and Finance – The Budget and Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. Its responsibility lies in considering the financial needs of the chapter in order to recommend dues and fees to the Executive Board; planning, evaluating, and recommending the annual operating budget to the chapter; and reviewing and recommending budget modifications at specified interim periods. This committee shall consist of five members: the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, and three members appointed by the President.

Foundation – The Foundation Committee is charged to serve as chapter representative for the housing foundation, and to recommend and facilitate needed investments to grow the foundation. This committee shall consist of 12 members as follows: Foundation Chairperson, Foundation Financial Secretary, Foundation Treasurer, One (1) Legal Trustees, Chapter 1st Vice President, Chapter Recording Secretary, two (2) Members-At-Large, and four (4) Trustees appointed by the President.

Heritage and Archives – The Heritage and Archives Committee is responsible for documenting the history of the chapter and its programs.

Information and Communications – The Information and Communications Committee is chaired by the Journalist. Its function is to disseminate chapter information to Regional and National publications; and write, edit, publish the chapter newsletter, Minerva’s Pen.

Nomination – The Nominating Committee is chaired by a soror elected by the chapter. Its function is to receive from the chapter recommendations of sorors to serve in chapter offices, to select candidates for consideration of offices; and to facilitate the election process of the chapter. This committee shall consist of the chairperson and four members appointed by the President. Each member shall represent a specified area of the city. Members of the Nominating Committee may not run for any elective office.

Program Planning and Development – The Program Planning and Development Committee is chaired by the Vice President. Its function is to survey needs, evaluate findings and make recommendations to the chapter of projects to be undertaken commensurate with the aims, purposes, and resources of the Sorority; to coordinate projects approved by the chapter; and to establish Calendar of Events for the chapter.

Publicity – The Publicity Committee’s responsibility includes disseminating information regarding chapter activities and programs to the public in a timely manner.

Rules of Order – The Rules of Order Committee is chaired by the Parliamentarian. It is the duty of the committee to receive and evaluate recommended changes in the local Chapter Handbook and the Chapter Rules of Order; to present such revisions to the chapter for consideration and vote; and to publish and distribute revised materials. This committee shall consist of four (4) to seven (7) members: The Parliamentarian, Immediate Past President, and two (2) to five (5) sorors as appointed by the President.

Ritual and Ceremonies – The Ritual and Ceremonies Committee is chaired by the Chaplain. This committee is charged with the duty of insuring that appropriate properties and furnishings are available and place for ceremonies and meetings as set forth in the Ritual of “Grand Chapter; to insure that the proper physical and spiritual atmosphere is maintained for ritualistic ceremonies. This committee shall consist of three (3) members: the Chaplain, the Parliamentarian, and the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Scholarship – The Scholarship Committee’s responsibility of the committee to develop and administer the Scholarship Program of the chapter.

Ways & Means – The Ways and Means Committee is charged with the responsibility of procuring funds and/or developing and implementing projects that will bring funds into the chapter in order to support chapter scholarships and projects.

Special Committees And Commissions

Adopt-a-Family – The Adopt-a-Family Committee is charged with identifying a family to adopt, and coordinating donations for the adopted family.

Arts and Letters – The Arts & Letters Committee is responsible for developing or identifying activities to expose the membership and the community to various cultural and artistic events.

Cotillion – The Cotillion Committee is charged with providing programs to girls in their junior or senior year of high-school with an emphasis on cultural enrichment, personal growth, and scholarship award. The girls are then presented to society during a culminating social event, the Debutante Cotillion.

Delta Academy – The Delta Academy Committee is charged with providing programs to teen African American females between the ages of 11 and 14 to introduce and expose girls to math, science, technology and nontraditional careers.

Delta Choraliers – The Delta Choraliers Committee is responsible for providing musical entertainment to sorors and the community.

Delta Dears –
The Delta DEARS Committee is to recognize and provide membership services for sorors who are 62 years of age and older.

Delta G.E.M.S.: Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully (formerly Teen Lift) – The Delta G.E.M.S. Committee is charged with providing programs to teen African American females between the ages of 13 and 17 to introduce and expose teens to educational, business and cultural institutions.

Dial-A-Delta – The Dial-A-Delta Committee is charged with calling sorors to inform them of Omega Omega Services.

Fall Round Up – The Fall Round Up Committee plans and implements an event for reclamation and retention of the membership.

Founders Day – The Founders Day Committee is charged with developing a program to honor the founders and to rededicate members to the ideals and purposes of Delta sometime during the months of January, February or March.

Housing Management – The Housing Management Committee is charged with developing and presenting a plan for the future housing needs of the chapter.

May Week – The May Week Committee is responsible for identifying a week and coordinating events during that week to emphasize and showcase scholastic achievements, education opportunities, and encourage higher scholarship.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is chaired by the 2nd Vice President. It is responsible for developing and providing membership programs and services as directed by the chapter; developing and promoting continuous programs for retention and reclamation of the chapter membership.

Omega Omega Services – The Omega Omega Services Committee is responsible for facilitating the Omega Omega Ceremony during Omega Omega services.

Physical and Mental Health – The Physical and Mental Health Committee’s function is to develop and implement activities to help improve the physical and mental health of sorors and the community.

Sisterhood and Courtesy – The Sisterhood and Courtesy Committee is charged with administering appropriate recognitions and condolences to sorors as specified in Sisterhood Committee Guidelines. The purpose of the Sisterhood Committee is to foster the concept of sisterhood among the members of the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc,. It will endeavor to bring cheer and goodwill to all known Deltas in the Cincinnati area.

Social Action – The Social Action Committee is charged with providing information and direction to the membership on current civil rights, national and international issues.

Soror Integration – The Soror Integration Committee is charged with developing activities to assist with fellowship among existing members and integration of new members into the chapter.
Step Team – The Step Team develops routines and represents the chapter in various step shows.